Out of all the different types of media available, video is arguably the most engaging form. As the old proverb says, a picture is worth 1000 words; if this is true, the value of video is nearly incalculable. Furthermore, in this age of hyper-connectivity, video is the primary format that many people turn to for news, entertainment and information. Unfortunately, not all video is effective or compelling.

For every well-crafted video, on YouTube, it seems there are dozens that excel only as bad examples. Getting attention with your videos is counterproductive if your videos make you look bad. How do you make your videos stand out in the right way? Keep reading to see our perspective.

Your Events are Your Opportunities

Most businesses participate regularly in events; no matter what events your business attends, whether they are Farmer’s Markets, Trade Shows, New Product launches or Recruiting events, each one represents an opportunity to engage with your customers and leads. A video podcast following the planning, preparation, hosting and results of your event lets you turn every event into a compelling video campaign.

Making a Podcast Work for You

A podcast is the ideal video format to chronicle your events. A few years ago, podcast were almost exclusively audio only productions; this is no longer the case. There is no specific recipe for a successful podcast, but these tips will serve you well no matter what your business is:

  1. Find Your Voice

What tone are you looking to set with your podcast? Would you rather be lighthearted or serious? Do you want to present in-depth information or a brief overview? Any of these approaches can work well in almost every industry; the trick is to find what works for you. The best way to get started is to listen to other podcasts to see what is out there.

  1. Stories Drive Engagement

The goal of your podcast should be to engage with your audience. Since the earliest days of humanity, telling a story has been an integral part of relationship. No matter what type of information you are presenting, telling a story makes it more compelling.

  1. Characters Drive Stories

Characters are a primary element of every story. A quality podcast is no different. Whether you have the same individuals appear in every episode or you have a revolving cast of characters, try to develop characters that your audience can relate to.

  1. Promotion is King

Finally, every podcast needs an audience. Use all of your social media channels to promote your videos once you finish them. Encourage your followers to share your content with others. Be sure to keep plenty of new content in the pipeline to give your audience something fresh to watch.

The truth is that no one can accurately predict what video will go viral next. Rather than focus on instant success, plan to make every one of your videos shine. With the right tone, the right story and the right promotion, the next YouTube star could be you.