Here’s a fun article on by the EventMB editorial team on things we don’t need anymore at events.

Times are changing and so should our habits. Here are a few things eventprofs are still using at events… but shouldn’t.

Don’t blame it on us if we want to have some fun. Changes are happening in our beloved industry. While it looks like we are finally dropping that stereotype of eventprofs so well portrayed in the movies of the 90’s, we can surely get rid of some other things that eventtech and clever meeting design have given a big kick in the butt to.

Powerpoint Presentations at Events?

Used at events since being created 26 years ago, that alone should tell a story. Although of course the features have evolved, we can’t take anymore zoom-in transitions, twirling animations and pie charts. When the objective of the session seems just to be to read slides together, that’s when you start hearing attendees sighing all over the room. That’s when you know Death by PPT is taking over. Slides in general can be a great visual tool to give some tangibility to a talk, but seriously, what is the percentage of good slides you see at events?

You can do better. We won’t suggest a list of alternatives to PowerPoint. Get creative and think about other ways to get speakers to illustrate their point. Mix the types of media you can use: video, images, sounds, objects. In some types of events slides will always be necessary, they are almost expected by the audience. You can make a difference as an event professional. You can give precise guidelines or even coaching to your speaker as to how they need to use and not abuse the tool. It takes a lot of charisma and experience to talk without slides and experience. Get the speakers to use slides as part of the new speaking mix – mobile app, live interaction tool, throwable or app powered mic, props, music. The more the merrier.

We couldn’t agree more. The above is an excerpt from an article by the EventMB editorial team on I encourage you to read their article: 14 Things We Don’t Need Anymore At Events where you’ll find a slew of outdated things you should stop doing at your events to keep up with the times.