We live in a digital age in which most people are saturated with digital tools and digital content. Attending a conference or other professional event is a great way for people to mix up their routine and foster in-person relationships. Video enhances the event experience, helping create lasting memories that will stick with attendees for years to come. If you’ve been overwhelmed with incorporating video into your events or are looking for new tactics to take your events up a notch, consider the following ways to use video for your next event.

Generate excitement before the event

People want to know what they’re getting into before they invest in an event. Video demonstrates what an event has to offer quickly and effectively. Potential participants also get a little look at the content and interactions they can expect at the event, such as discussions with key industry players and demonstrations of up and coming products. Use video to generate leads for your event. Include a call to action on the video page so it’s straightforward for viewers to navigate to the event sign up page.

Increase interaction at the event

Video brings life to presentations and product demonstrations in way that simply cannot be achieved through speech and photos. For example, instead of spending a half an hour explaining how to use a new product in the home, show a three minute video of the product in action. Encourage interaction at the event by advertising an event hashtag that attendees can use when sharing photos and video during the event. You’ll create more buzz for your event while gaining valuable feedback to use while planning future events.

Extend the lifespan of the event

When you plan an event, think about how you’ll use video to promote the event and enhance the event as well as extend the reach of the event once it’s over. Capturing the right content during the event gives you the footage you need to keep people engaged for weeks, or even months, afterward. Think about using the following types of video to create lasting impact for your event.

  • Offer access to key note speeches and panel discussions. When you’ve spent a lot of money and resources on a compelling key note speaker, you want to get as much out of the content as possible. Consider creating a shortened key note speech video as well in which the key points are summed up in one or two minutes for people who don’t have time to watch the entire speech. Panel discussions often showcase multiple points of view with ample audience participation. Posting the discussion online encourages further interaction.
  • Share feedback and testimonials. Feedback and testimonials are critical for marketing the next event. During the final hours of the event, have staff members conduct brief interviews with event attendees and other key individuals (i.e. volunteers) about their experience. This footage will be a valuable asset for your promotional materials.

From registering for a conference to accessing testimonials after an event, video enhances virtually every aspect of the event experience. With a little strategic effort, you’ll capture the most interesting elements of the event to enhance the event itself, extend conversations online, and drive participation for future events.