I was reading this article on the IMEX website and would very much want to share an article by Teresa A.Sánchez-Ostiz.

IMEX, an industry leader in trade show that attracts thousands of professionals from the U.S. and internationally for business opportunities, networking and education, shows us how they use social media to gain real time insight where you can capture information about your audience.  In a fast paced event environment, capitalizing on real time information is essential for engaging and motivating your audience to participate and share. Not only do you obtain valuable insights about your event from the participants, you can also extend the life of your event, share insight with speakers and sponsors and extend their brand exposure.

With the advance of technology and our increasing daily use of social media it is more important than ever to monitor what is being said online about your events. Twitter and Instagram are two of the best social media channels to engage your audience and make them feel part of your event. It is important not only to encourage active participation on these social networks but also to analyse all event related activity. Here we cover some of the business reasons why this is important.

Gain real time insight

Analysing the online ‘life‘ of an event is very useful. All public tweets and Instagram posts that include the event hashtag can be tracked and classified. In this way, and while the event is taking place, you are able to see what information participants are sharing with their followers. This type of analysis gives you insight into the potential impact and reach of your event.

Capture information about your audience

Tweet Binder reports include a wide range of user rankings that can be used to gain insight into your event’s online audience. This type of report enables you to see what kind of presence your audience has on social media, how many followers they have, and determines if they are influencers or not. All of this is useful to find and grow your event’s potential audience.

This interesting tip is an excerpt from a blogpost on IMEX blog. Learn how IMEX content author Teresa A.Sánchez-Ostiz uses Tweet Binder to monitor social networks at their events. I encourage you to read her post on the IMEX website called: The importance of monitoring social networks at your events.