Did you know that video drives sales effectiveness? Regardless of the specific stage of the sales cycle, use of video has been proven to increase lead conversions. From providing an overview of a company to explaining the differences between varying products or services to sharing customer testimonials, videos can make or break your company. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on streamlining and simplifying. Most likely you already have some great sales practices in place and just need to fine tune them a little bit. Consider the following methods for integrating video into your sales cycle.

Focus training and coaching

The bottom line is that sales cycle effectiveness is not going to improve and may even decline if employees do not have the training and coaching that they need. Coaching should aim to sustain excellence and build employee loyalty, while training should communicate expectations, spark growth, and heighten individual performance. It is important to cater both of these initiatives to your employees and your organization as a whole and apply them on a consistent basis. Well-designed, well-timed videos can keep employees engaged and motivated throughout these sessions.

Improve the overall customer experience

From the very first time that a customer learns about your company to the day that they make their hundredth purchase with your company, they should have a great experience. You must evaluate each step of the customer experience on a regular basis. What is working well? What isn’t working well? Do customers respond positively to your existing videos? Where is your company lacking a little bit?

Remember that video drives sales effectiveness. For example, if customers are confused about the application for a specific product, put together a short video series that shows real customers using it in their homes or offices. If customer service gets bombarded with questions about the installation process for a piece of software, create a video tutorial for it.

Enhance integration of marketing, sales, and service

One of the biggest mistakes that many companies make is creating separate marketing, sales, and service functions. Even when companies do take steps to integrate the functions, they often don’t have the results that they expect. It is not uncommon for businesses to lack a common definition of a qualified lead, to struggle with lead generation, and to ignore their investments in social listening. If you already have a formal program in place for customer feedback and questions, but you aren’t actually doing much with this information, consider video use. For example, create a regular weekly feature in which a small team of employees answers a commonly asked customer question.