The goal in creating a landing page is to encourage leads to fill out a form, providing you with vital information that will help guide your marketing efforts with regards to a prospect. Creating a landing page that’s delivers on this objective isn’t so easy, as you often get push back from prospects that aren’t willing or motivated to provide their contact details. One practice that’s gaining momentum in landing page marketing is embedding video that draws your audience in and keeps their attention. Video and landing pages go hand-in-hand for a variety of reasons.

Video on your landing page boosts conversions. A few factors have a bearing on this phenomenon:

  • Visitors stick around longer: Landing pages that include a video encourage viewers to stay, up to two minutes longer than those that don’t incorporate video.
  • Personality enhances trust: When you add a landing page video that features company owners and/or employees, they’re personality shines through more as compared to text. Making that personal connection leads them to trust, a key element of lead generation.
  • Video is preferred over text-based content: Visitors to your landing page don’t want to read content. Video drives engagement more effectively because the eyes are drawn to color and movement.
  • You convey more in video than words alone: Those who visit your landing page are going to get more meaning out of your material if it’s presented visually through video. Your target audience will have a better understanding of your message if you show them, rather than tell them

You can incorporate video to increase landing page conversion rates.

  • Keep it short – and tell them you’re keeping in short: The video you place on your landing page should be under a minute. Let visitors know the length, as they don’t want to be surprised to find they’re getting sucked into a 5 minute video.
  • Use a video specifically created for the landing page: All of your landing page content should be directly related to what’s described on the referring source. A visitor clicked for a specific reason and you need to deliver relevant information.
  • Pay attention to the layout: Keep your video above the fold so visitors don’t have to scroll down on your landing page. Also, draw the eye to the embedded video by eliminating clutter around it.
  • Watch the engagement with landing page video: Keep an eye on your analytics to measure engagement rates.
  • Try A/B testing to fine tune: Use two different videos for distinct groups that arrive on your landing page. Gather results from each so you can make improvements.

Video is a proven winner in many ways for marketers trying to achieve different goals, such as converting sales and building a brand. More marketers are now starting to realize the potential of video when it comes to improving landing pages. The same benefits that video provides for other marketing objectives will also work for landing pages, so marketers must capture this opportunity to boost conversion rates.