By now, it’s pretty well established that video marketing is one of the most powerful ways for companies to connect with their target audience. Hands down, video content is more effective at engaging prospects than text-based material, yet many businesses are still reluctant to give it proper credence. Organizations often stick with the status quo, missing out on profitable business opportunities; you can’t afford to be that company. Avoid making a huge mistake by focusing on the four top reasons to incorporate video into your content marketing.

1. ROI Boost: Businesses that have developed a robust video marketing strategy will tell you that one of the primary advantages involves increased ROI. Statistics are loud and clear in proving that video surpasses text – and even images and infographics – in its ability to attract and engage your target audience.

  • Video increases understanding of a product by up to 74%;
  • 80% of the people who view videos will remember the material for an extended time afterwards;
  • Almost 50% of people view at least one video per month; and,
  • The chances a prospect will buy after viewing are increased by 64%.

You’ll find similar stats all over the internet, but the bottom line is that using video drives ROI better than any other format.

2. Powerful Engagement: Humans are more engaged by video because it’s in our genes. Moving images appeal to the brain’s need for visual stimulation, while audio adds to the experience. The combination often leads the viewer to take action in the time period after watching, especially when the video includes a strong call to action.

3. Video is Flexible: Marketers tend to prefer video because of its flexibility from a creative standpoint. The sky’s the limit on producing different types of videos, from how-to’s and explainers to product demonstrations and days-in-the-life. There are also infinite options for distribution channels for the final product. Post them to social media, embed them on your web pages and include them in blog articles.

4. Reach All of Your Target Audience: You’d be right in assuming that video reaches the younger crowd that was raised on YouTube, Facebook and Netfllix. But you might be surprised to know that video appeals to all demographics across the board. Unlike text or images that must be custom-tailored to speak to a targeted audience, video connects with a wide range of customer profiles and demographics. Of course, you must still create videos with proper buyer personas in mind, but you’ll get an added boost from the additional viewers you’ll attract.

If you haven’t already taken the leap with video marketing, it’s not too late to start producing. There’s still plenty of opportunity to build a strong online presence and grab the attention of your target audience – but the fact that you have some time doesn’t mean you should procrastinate. It’s not necessary to focus 100% of your marketing efforts on video in order to be successful, but it is essential to diversify your portfolio beyond text, images and infographics.