How are you keeping current with today’s video (ad units, content, branded content, mobile, PC, etc.) demands and requirements? MEDIAmobz will attempt to share updates that we come across as we work our way through perfecting our offer and platform and more importantly, bringing jobs to MEDIAmobz producers.

Our latest topic: Branded video content and specifically product placement content is a subject near and dear to our hearts and at the end of 2007, was a $21 billion revenue business. This spend is exemplified by the shot of Gregory House (“House”) wearing Nike Shoes. It’s also interesting that this one revenue number is near the same amount of revenue allocated to online advertising for the same period according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. We may discuss that subject in a later installment.

Is this stealth advertising or perhaps a more palatable way to serve up advertising messages? If done well and irrespective of how you might describe this type of advertising messaging unit, we believe it is important to experiment until we find at least a few elegant ways to serve up content and the advertising that makes it and perhaps even the world go around. You can have a look at the results of one of our product-placement, proof-of-concept efforts at

One of our ambitions at MEDIAmobz is to participate in and enable the development of blending content and advertising and for the many and various channels that confront us on the 3 main screens in our life: TV, PC and mobile.

We welcome your comments and the sharing your experiences with a view to MEDIAmobz’s overall ambition of informing and enabling our valued producer community. We encourage and invite our producers and buyers to share with the community some of the trends, obstacles, opportunities, and those bits of news that make you say, “wow”.