Here’s the scenario: You are amongst the best video producing talent in your town. Referral clientele is strong and business keeps growing. Over the years, you have developed quite a nice story through your client works. How do you show off your reels? How do you make those reels generate even more money for you?

Here’s another scenario: Recent economic conditions have affected your business. Advertising and marketing have become more important than ever. You recently updated your web site, started a blog, and bought some classifieds. But how do you differentiate your business? How do you get prospects interested?

The answer to both of these scenarios is MEDIAmobz’s new embeddable video player. Insert our player with your best reels on your web site or blog and showcase your work.

How it works:Any member video producer can create a free profile, upload their reels, then embed the video player anywhere including a company web site, a blog, and in ads. It’s really simple to get started: Just click the “embed” text link on the top right of video player. It’ll reveal a pop-up window with code that you can copy and paste onto any site HTML.

Within minutes, get a collection of your best works in front of customers. We offer a playlist so users can scroll through and watch all of your upload reels. Plus the player is clickable back to your MEDIAmobz profile page. It’s a great marketing tool — and it’s absolutely free!