For blog articles to have the maximum marketing impact, you need a solid distribution plan. You want as many targeted visitors as possible to see the articles. How do you do this?

After writing blog articles, you will definitely want to share them on your social media sites and email newsletter. This helps. However, you can tap into another segment of your audience that is usually ignored: video consumers.

Video has become an important part of online marketing. Nearly all the major social media sites allow users to produce and share videos. This comes as no surprise given the recent statistics that indicate 43% of users want to see more video content from marketers.

If you are not using video in your content strategy, you are failing your audience.

Creating Video from Blog Posts

If you have a blog, you can repurpose the existing content to create video to attract fresh search engine love and new leads. Creating videos from blog posts can be approached in a number of ways. For example:

  • Text tutorials can be accompanied by explainer videos
  • Product reviews can be accompanies by video product walkthroughs
  • Bullet points can be extracted from an article to make a slideshow
  • Interviews can be summarized into bite-size videos highlighting the main points

If you are planning to create videos from blog articles, carry out a content audit. Go through the existing articles and find out what topics they cover and how the information can be summarized to be between 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

If you will be publishing the videos on social media sites, get them to less than 30 seconds. Shorter videos get more views and engagement on Facebook than longer videos.

Create Content with the End Goal

After identifying the blog posts to create video summaries for, it’s time to create the content. Video content can be in form of image slideshows, animations, video clips, and so on. The summaries should guide you on the form of video content to go for.

Have an end goal for every video you create. For example, if you want to create brand awareness, a funny video that can go viral on Facebook will work. The content has to be excellent for the video to go viral. Apart from this, you may need to give the video some push to reach more people by boosting it with paid ads on Facebook.

You can create an intriguing or entertaining videos and get it in front of your target audience. And then what? If you don’t find a way to keep in touch with the prospects, your video marketing campaign will be a failure.

Therefore, tie your video to your overall marketing campaign. For example, the video should have a call-to-action (CTA) telling viewers what to do next. Should they sign up for a consultation? Should they reserve a table at your restaurant? What should they do?

Have a call-to-action in all your videos.

Are you using video to repurpose your blog articles?