Are you creating social media video ads and want to improve their performance?

Video gets more engagement on Facebook than other forms of content. However, video only makes 1% of the content brands share per week on the social media site.

The high visibility and engagement of videos makes them important lead generation contents for businesses that get marketing right. Producing more and better videos can shorten your lead generation journey and have immediate impact on sales.

Remember, you can include a call to action on a Facebook video ad.

Whether you are uploading videos as ads or working with promoted videos, you can improve their impact by paying attention to a few key details.

Focus on Quality

With video, you only have a few seconds to get the attention of your users. You want to engage your viewers from the onset. This is important since videos on mobile and desktop news feed autoplay. Your audience should also know what they will immediately get from your content.

For example, check this fitness video from Natalie Jill. The video is only 43-seconds and captures the audience’s attention in the first few frames. The video has minimal text and sound. From the text content, the audience can see what they will get when they opt in.

Have a Compelling Offer

You don’t want to waste the opportunity to generate leads by posting a video without a compelling offer. Your offer should directly address the problems your audience is struggling with. It should be irresistible.

Be clear and to the point with your text. Make sure you are tracking the links using UTM or another system to gauge the performance of the video.

Bring Out Your Personality

People buy from people they trust, not faceless businesses. Use video to show the audience a glimpse of who you are or the people behind the business. Stock video and photos on your ads are a no-no. Be personal. Talk in the first person, directly to your audience.

Be genuinely excited and enthusiastic about your offer. This will show through in the video and engage your viewers.

How to Easily Create Video Ads with MediaMyx

You can use MediaMyx to easily create video ads. With the tool, you can leverage existing video content by slicing it up to support the targeted messaging you need. The video can be combined with other assets such as images, PowerPoint slides, etc. and edited in a few minutes to be ready for distribution across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

MediaMyx also allows you to directly upload videos you have created and edit them immediately. There is an option to preview the videos as you are editing them. Finally, you can render the videos in different quality settings and upload them to your favorite social media networks.

Using video ads is a great way of getting ROI in your marketing strategy. The three tips above will help you create compelling content that will enhance your brand and encourage sales.