Do you know what you want to say and the intended audience for your message? Do you have different messages for different audiences or does one size fit all?

MEDIAmobz has been out and about and attempting to bring video production jobs to the marketplace and has met some really wonderful business owners and corporate executives along the way. What surprised us most was that despite the many years spent operating a business, many of these executives paused when asked to quickly and in one sentence tell us what they want to say about their business and who is the audience.

The tension and perspiration on upper lip increased when we challenged the business owner or executive to write a quick treatment for a 30-second commercial advertising their business or company.

As MEDIAmobz increases its business development efforts and jobs enter our marketplace we thought it might be helpful to put forward for your use and consideration a few questions for eliciting from video buyers the key message they wish to convey and around which you will build their video messaging unit.

Here’s a helpful checklist:

1) Is your business about price and volume?

2) Do you focus on customer and after-sale service?

3) Have you a USP (unique selling proposition) and, if yes, what is it?

4) List all possible messages and choose one.

5) Where in your value chain is your business located and in which direction upstream, downstream are you selling; do you wish to be selling?

6) Identify all potential target audiences and choose one.

7) How best to communicate to your intended audience: loud; softly; statistics driven?

This list is obviously not exhaustive and, quite frankly, barely touches the tip of the iceberg. The point we most wish to make is to encourage you to be prepared to help our video buyer present a clear, crisp message to a well-defined target audience and all wrapped in a professional produced video.

We’re always interested in reading about your experiences and passing along our collective learnings in the interest of delivering better and more productive video content.