Perhaps one of the most exciting things about being a business owner is the fact that you will be able to present your very own products to the world. Thanks to the power of the Internet, promoting your products to a target market is easier than ever. From driving conversions to building brand awareness and luring in potential customers, a killer product video can be used to educate the customer and make your company stand out.

If you are to succeed in your quest to sell more with video marketing, it is imperative that you take a few things into account prior to producing the video. By doing so, it is possible to outshine your competitors and propel your business to viral status.

What makes a product video stand out?

Video marketing is not a saturated market… yet. Take this opportunity to get ahead of the game and start advertising your products with this type of visual content. Distributing it across numerous social networking platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram is a sure-fire way to get your name known in your particular industry. However, you can’t just expect to rake in the sales with a poorly produced video.

If your video lacks the following things, your viewers are likely to click that ‘X’ button in the top right-hand corner:

  • Quality – Use high-quality recording equipment and select suitable bandwidth to ensure the video can be streamed clearly on mobile devices.
  • Customer Input – Sales will soar if potential buyers trust you. Accomplish this milestone by including input from satisfied customers.
  • Images and Music – The audio and visual aspect are especially important for making your video stand out. Choose the thumbnail wisely to encourage viewers to click on the video.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) – An overly salesy video will not be ideal. Sure, you can inform the viewer about your product/service throughout the video, but you should only really include a CTA at the very end.

Things you Should Know Before Producing your Product Video

You can make the process of creating a product video a great deal easier if you take a few things on board before the production stage.

Here are three essential things to keep in mind before you upload a marketing video to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or one of the many other social media platforms out there:

  1. Be a Storyteller – Most people don’t buy from pushy salespeople, so avoid being pushy with your marketing tactics. Instead, evoke emotion by telling a story, whether it is about your brand or the change your brand has made to somebody’s life.
  2. Produce How-To Videos – A lot of the viral content that is circulating the web is a “How-To” piece of content, be it “How to Replace an iPhone Screen” or “How to Shoot the Perfect Video”. The title indicates that the viewer can learn something therefore it will entice viewers.
  3. Make an Impact – The impact you make should be almost instant; within the first 10 seconds at least. You could lose half of your viewers by 30 seconds if the quality is poor and the video is boring, so make it exciting!

Since product videos can make a difference to search engine indexing and return on investment (ROI), there is no reason why you shouldn’t be pressing the record button. Don’t forget to write a compelling script that will captivate the viewers within the first 10 seconds. It is also crucial that you accomplish the task of explaining precisely what your product is and how it can benefit the buyer. Target a problem and provide the solution – simple.