When you contemplate the how of executing your digital content strategy, does your creative and execution process mirror a fire drill? Would it be helpful to secure a scalable, affordable baseline of digital content that would significantly reduce the need for constant fire drills and allow your team a little breathing room to focus on digital content that contributes to building lasting relationships with customers?

I want to share with you several examples of video content created without all the huffing and puffing due to a clear digital content strategy and a pragmatic execution plan that provides scale and affordably. We hope you’ll enjoy these examples delivered through our very own micropublishing tool, MOBZxpress:

Entertainment Industry 

IBM’s “From Stretched to Strengthened” report is based on interviews with 1,700 CMOs across 64 countries. These CMOs think market and technology factors are the two most powerful external forces affecting their organization.

We encourage you to discuss with us your 2013 digital content strategy that must surely and in part address technology: myriad channels and devices, especially mobile devices. MEDIAmobz’s clients achieve quality multimedia content, faster time-to-market, greater customer satisfaction and higher profitability by entrusting the most critical elements of their digital content creation process and production to MEDIAmobz.

Jay Durgan
Chief Content & Marketing Officer