Video is a great medium to reach a large number of people with a message.  When you are getting started, converting and repurposing existing content makes sense.  You have already paid the costs involved in developing content; why not extract more value from your investment?

The Challenges of Repurposing Content

Webinars and micro video content are inherently different.  This chart of the differences between webinar content and video includes just a few of the differences:

Webinar Micro Video Content
Length 1 – 4 Hours 1 – 2 Minutes
Interactivity Possible Live Audience, Question and Answer Session Online Comments
Scope In-depth coverage of a large number of points Brief Overview of a single topic
Audience Possible live Audience during production, limited appeal afterward Virtually Unlimited for popular content, millions of views possible
Suitable Uses Training, Sales Marketing, Entertainment


If you want to repurpose your webinar content, you will have to go through your webinars and extract the information that is most suitable for video distribution.

How to Develop Video Content

A webinar is a series of static images presented with narration.  On its own, it is effective but not very interesting.  In video form, you only have a short time to communicate with your audience, so choose your points wisely.  Use the following five ideas to help you choose the most important points to include:

  1. What best supports your Agenda at the beginning?

Compelling content often starts by presenting your message right from the start.  Choose the element from your webinar you want to present in your video, and use this as your starting point.

  1. What did you summarize at the end?

Many webinars end by summarizing the message; dig through the summary statements to find a few that support the message you are presenting.

  1. Were there audience questions that furthered the discussion?

Your audience may be a source of inspiration; questions asked by the audience may tell you where your original content may have been lacking depth.

  1. Where did you have the most energy?

Webinars tend to be a very low energy medium; find the most energetic points, and use them for your video content.

  1. What is the best piece of advice to come out of the webinar?

The point of any webinar is to leave the audience with some new skills or ideas.  Include the insights in your video for your leads to take away with them.

Once you have selected the points you want to develop into micro video content, you are ready to write scripts for your videos.

Writing as a Storyteller

Just presenting facts does not make your videos very interesting.  If your videos tell a story, they will be much more interesting, and your audience is more likely to share your content with others.  Every one of your videos, no matter how short, should present a problem, and a resolution.  Give people a story to relate to; show them how the information you present can apply to their situation and help them solve their own problems.