As we are getting back into the groove after summer’s end we start considering how we are going to close out the year. As more new content was created in the last few days than in the history of the planet how do our customers and prospects sort through the signal from the noise? How do you make sense out of the vast amount of content you created for them this year and how much of it can be reused to build a solid foundation for 2023?

We help clients assess and make sense of rich media content they have at their disposal, how to organize it, and how to optimize workflows that bring teams together to communicate what is important to the business, the brands, and day to day conversations with customers and prospects. We call this rich media content operations. 

Our most recent efforts have focused on what is needed to organize and automate the steps associated with the management of the lifecycle and release of video. For many large companies that had the budget to outsource this function they have done some by farming this out to agencies. For many if not most companies few have had the capabilities to do so or the ability leverage their internal and external talent community to help them with this task. COVID has exacerbated this by driving the need for virtual events (that are now here to stay), so the need and importance of organizing your content operations is even more apparent.

The effort for creating and releasing video too often suffers a time squeeze because the long chain of activities to define, create and deliver video at scale is underestimated. We recently released the ability to connect and keep team members informed through video meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams, while collaborating through Slack, Teams, email and other social channels to bring those overseeing the project and keeps everyone informed throughout the creative and release process. We believe workflows need to be agile and need to easily incorporate others such as the people tasked with compliance and those responsible for marketing and sales messaging. These processes are generic and apply equally to virtual events, keynotes, product presentations, product releases, and training that need to be translated into short-form video that increases engagement with customers and employees. These types of efforts bring in many into the process and requires coordination.

What if you had the means to bring together teams to work together to release content for an upcoming event, campaign or training replacing the ad hoc nature of producing content that ends up being one-and-done content and a waste of effort. Too often it is these ad hoc projects that derail your teams and timelines. You need a repeatable way to move things along, keeps everyone informed and involved, and that generates superior results. Most importantly you need the means to leverage and repurpose the breath of the content you’ve already created and that increases the return on the investment of creating this content – not just once but throughout the year and beyond.

We would love to work with you on your 2023 rich media editorial calendar.