GLX Video Content Operations Platform – September 2022 Release

The 6 September 2022 GLX release packs several GLX Screening Room improvements for media asset lifecycle and workflows.

The GLX Screening Room offers creatives, communications and marketing professionals, and teams the ability to collaborate in the review of media simply to get feedback on one or several iterations of a video, or to help managed the release of rich media through a review and approval process. Learn more about when to use a screening room

Improved user collaboration with unified notifications
The 27 July 2022 release added support for Microsoft 365 OneDrive File Sharing and Microsoft Teams support. Collaborators now benefit from unified notifications on the channels they prefer. They now receive notifications via email, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Improved Media Workflows and Release Lifecycle

  • Revision Workflow. We’ve made it easy for teammates to import revisions of the media from within a Screening Room.
  • Designating Other Comment Finalizers and Releasers. We made it possible to accommodate cases when an approver is on vacation, or you need a specific subject matter expert to handle the approval or release of assets.
  • Asset Review Lifecycle States. We’ve made it easier to see the state of Screening Room assets and inform collaborators with state-specific notifications.
  • New Screening Room “Copy to Media Library”. We improved the asset release process by making it easy for workspace owners and contributors to copy the media to a shared Media Library folder or the user’s private Media Library.
  • Improved Screening Room Details. Too often we ask ourselves who is authorized to release an asset or close the comment period. We’ve collected these details in the asset’s Screening Room information popup.

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The GLX Video Content Operations Platform offers media factory and application services. It automates workflows and assists teams in the planning and delivery of communication in a way that is simple, accessible, and helps assess the effectiveness of personalized content.