For decades we have built a mindset that content quality is measured by clicks. It is time for redefining this in a way that better serves all of us, not just advertisers. They have a role but we have a need and the two may not always overlap. If you had ten minutes in front of content what are the things you would want out of this commitment of your time? Sometimes it might be entertainment, sometimes it is informational and sometimes it is to advance our personal knowledge. Why don’t we measure these or others you may have just thought of? Why don’t we have a look at measuring how much time we land in our email inbox and get to the important information with less grief. How would we measure the time spent trying to decipher the signal from the noise?

There is not one answer. Think of advertising revenue in 2022 estimated to be over $600B and more are satisfied with single digital conversion rates. Does that mean we are throwing away $500B this year or are there many taking actions to address that with advanced AI driven programmatic and other means that connect more intimately with eCommerce. The updated measurements are in motion to re-establish customer engagement metrics. These shifts are accelerating with real time data sets. This impacts customer acquisition and to some degree retention of customers. How up to speed are all that touch this in what they are doing in their daily work lives? We hold meetings, send emails, have team meetings, conferences, virtual events and much more to convey the message.

If everyone was up to speed as to the impact these changes have on them they would apply innovation at a faster rate to take advantage of adapting to these changes. How do you measure the impact of rich media communications? How many talk about best practices and what is working and how to get that to all that would improve their knowledge and improve the performance towards their desired outcomes. How do you measure that for gain?

We have been tracking event outcomes, one at a time. Have we considered what content moved the needle the most in rich media communications across the course of the year that have impact on your business outcomes or beyond that, work/life balance?

We have a lot to surface and measure that can lead to a better experience for us that are overwhelmed with too much information and need better ways to sort through it. We’ll be back with more about this topic.

How would you measure 10 minutes in front of content 3 episodes during the day? Let us know.