So many of us have been conditioned to be entertained by content that focuses on the sparkle of the pixels. Many say you won’t get the attention, eyeballs, and engagement you want without sizzle. When this becomes the way we assess success, spending time and resources to drive audience attention becomes the norm.

The Pandemic has accelerated the creation of video experiences with virtual events. And, given privacy concerns, we’re now needing to manage without “Cookies”. How we engage and interact with those around us has shifted in a big way and is challenging us in how we assess the value of these interactions.

Content Marketing provides an example of the measurement of success by looking at its ability to increase the conversion of deals. Some have developed conversational bots to help conversions. Others are applying AI to help move the needle.

This changes based on where and how people connect and consume content. TikTok for example is driving a lot of video content consumption today. Are we satisfied by how outcomes are measured on this platform? Many challenge this and argue it is driving behaviors that are short-sighted. Maybe. What about the Metaverse? So how do we measure quality and impact?

This is a major moment in the transformation of digital media. We went through this with social media, and we’re still shaking that one down. There is not one answer. The answer should come from the total cost of creating the content, its reach, and the outcomes that one seeks.

We view this as a fabric of engagement that happens over time around narratives that matter. With the fact that there is more new content created in the last two days than in the history of the planet we need to consider how much noise we are creating by tossing out a lot of it and rather focus on driving value with quality rather than quantity.

This needs much more conversation. Please join us.