Promoting and encouraging event attendee generated video content (EAGVC) increases exposure for your event while building trust and community1 and making the event a little more fun for everyone involved. From creating an on-site photo and video booth to running a social media contest, there are a wide range of simple, cost effective ways to encourage valuable video content to take your event to the next level.

Build an engaging on-site photo / video booth

While event attendees can shoot video from virtually any location at an event, they’re more likely to do so when there’s an appealing designated area. Consider creating a backdrop that is appropriate for the event and supplying props that attendees can use in their videos. For example, if your event is geared toward teens, create a colorful backdrop and supply playful props such as fake mustaches and oversized handbags.

Create a hashtag for your event

A hashtag encourages attendees to post their videos on social media and then makes it simple for you to find the videos. Choose a hashtag that is easy to remember and is specific to the event, such as #ChicagoSummit2016. To encourage attendees to share their videos from the photo / video booth, post a sign right next to the booth with the hashtag for the event. Include the hashtag in the event materials as well and mention it periodically during the event to heighten awareness. Reward attendees who use the hashtag with a printed and branded copy of a photo skill from their videos to take with them.

Provide prompts

Do you want EAGVC centered around certain topics? Are you simply having trouble getting the ball rolling for EAGVC at your particular event? Providing prompts for videos gives attendees a natural starting point. Most people are happy to share their opinions and insight. For example, near the end of the event, ask attendees to record video segments about their favorite moments during the event to create a reel to promote next year’s event.

Share EAGVC during the event

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your own EAGVC mere minutes after you’ve shared it. Review the event hashtag periodically throughout the event. Post the best videos during social happenings at the event, such as breaks, lunches, and parties. Depending on the amount of video content you receive, consider creating a short highlight reel to show during the closing event ceremonies.

Run a social media contest

Host a social media contest to boost the competitive nature of EAGVC. Require participants to use the event hashtag for their entries so you can monitor the results. Keep the entry barriers low to encourage participation. Display the hashtag and contest guidelines prominently in the event facilities. Acknowledge all contest participants and award meaningful prizes publicly to the contest winners at the end of the event.

Cultivating EAGVC is an ongoing process. It may take trial and error to determine which video generation tactics are most effective for your events and event attendees. Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting with and making tweaks to different techniques until you settle on strategies that work well for you and your events.