With video ads, the kind of results you will get from a campaign will depend on the content you put out. Yes, you want the video to be in HD and have crisp sound. However, if the content does not inspire or excite your audience, hitting any goals will be tough.

Video ads present a great opportunity for any business to reach a targeted audience with its message or offer. However, getting the content right is crucial to making the audience take the next step you desire. Here are some creative ideas you can use for video ads to get your message across and inspire your audience to act.

Show Company Culture

Step away from the norm and get some of your employees to tell stories of the funniest things that have happened to them in the office. A good example would be how an employee was confused by a customer request and ended up doing something funny.

Get about three people to share their anecdotes and create a video to dramatize the event. Such heartwarming or goofy videos can go viral on social media and enhance your brand.

“How To” or “How It’ Videos

Create a step by step video that shows how your product is created. You can skip any secret sauce you don’t want the competition to know about. For services business, a “How it Works” video will hit the nail on point. These videos do not only result in higher engagement, but also direct sales.

Funny Product Videos

Capture the attention of your audience by showing hilarious ways of how NOT to use your product. You can film different funny ways that prospects should not be using your product. For some inspiration, check what Blendtec, a blender manufacturer that produced the funny series “Will it Blend?” for its blender, did.

Experiment with Presentation

Try different presentations with your videos and track the results. For example, you can experiment with text-only videos, cartoon animations, scripted acts, interviews and so on.

You may not get it right the first time. Therefore, produce multiple videos consistently. With time, check your analytics data to know the kind of presentations that lead to the most engagement from your audience.

“Secret Sauce” Videos

In these videos, get customers to talk about why they love your company. Here, you want customers to indicate why they chose your company over the competition or what attracts them to your company. Such videos provide validation for your business and can win you a few more customers.

Inappropriate Question Videos

Get out of the comfort zone by asking your customers something inappropriate or that they totally do not expect. For example, if you are in the financial sector, you can have hidden camera capture clients’ reactions as your employees ask them for their ATM pins. How about giving roses to female customers accompanied by their partners?

Being creative with your video ads will result in high engagement and the right actions from your audience.