MediaMobz is kicking off our Production Tip series this month by bringing you tips from video professionals around the world. Our first question and answer comes from MediaMobz producer Pablo Sanchez: How To Get a Camera-shy Executive to Give It Up on Camera?

Capturing the best stories on camera often requires your subject to be in an open and relaxed state. Unfortunately, on camera interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for interviewees who are not used to it. If you happen to have a nervous executive as a subject for your interview, here are a few tips on how to put them at ease.

1. Spend a little time with your subject so they can feel comfortable with you. Take this time to build some rapport so you can set a relaxed tone before you start.

2. If you’ve done your homework and prepared well, your calm confidence will silently be communicated to your subject, which will help put them at ease.

3. Plan your first questions carefully and start with the easiest question. This will build up their confidence and set the tone for the rest of the interview.

4. Exude genuine interest and curiosity. This will encourage them to drop their defenses reveal themselves more candidly.

5. If possible, set your interview in a separate room away from colleagues or collaborators which can cause your subject to speak for them instead of for you.

6. At the end of the interview, ask if there is anything else they would like to add. This will give your subject the opportunity to surprise you with revealing information that you haven’t planned for. And sometimes this could be the best part of your interview.

Good luck.

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